We all have that one friend or family member who always seems to find you better deals than the travel agents. Whether it be a lads get way to ibiza or a quiet few days at a caravan site they seem to get you the best deals. but if your friend/family member seems to have got you a dell boy style holiday this post has you covered so you can at least travel and see the sites so without further ado let's delve into the top 5 ways of travelling when abroad.

Number 5

Now i know if you work outside your hometown you're probably sick of seeing trains and words like scotrail and the metro just give you immediate fear. But if you've went to another country you have probably went to a well known area and trains are a great way to escape the city life and go explore new areas you have a window to view the beautiful sights of a brand new place as you are sat comfortably travelling to your next destination. If trains seem like your ideal form of transport give nationalexpress.com a visit for cheap train fares for long distances.

Number 4

Renting a car on holiday can be great and if you and a few friends all chip in it can be a cheap affordable way to get around for the week. If you manage to rent a car whilst on holiday it means it's one payment for the week and then there's no hassle of trying to find change for the train, bus etc. although the cost of fuel can end up costing a bit just make sure you are definitely going to be getting your money's worth there's no point in renting a car if you aren't gonna be using it.

Number 3


Busses are great ways to get about when on holiday as you can just travel the city/town you're in and get off wherever you feel looks right for you. Busses are usually pretty cheap so you will only need change for them unless covering long distances. Even if it's just getting the bus to the next town over it's an easy and cheap way to explore the surrounding area of your chosen holiday destination. Just always make sure to check bus times before heading off as you could end up stranded in an unfamiliar place.

Number 2


Travelling by boat whilst on holiday can be great long boat rides out on the ocean can be calm and relaxing or you can even get on boats that are specifically for partying. You don't even need to have a specific destination going out onto the water for a few hours and getting fresh air whilst someone cruises around the local area for you can be great fun. Boats are also great for just travelling on in general and you can find cheap cruises if you look in the right place.

Number 1


Bikes are great ways to get around on holiday. Not only are they cheap to rent but you don't need to buy fuel for them(unless you count the food that you're buying but you're on holiday you will probably be eating 24/7). Its also a healthy activity that you can engage in with your friends or family and lets you see the sights without having to stick to specific roads. You can also get off a bike and carry it up stairs so it's easily transportable. It also doesn't cost money to constantly travel places if you rent it for the whole day so it keeps your pocket heavy while making you lighter.